About Us:

Here at Seaside Tires and Wheels we house the largest selection of used tires in the Wilmington area and make customer satisfaction our number one priority. With over 5,000 used tires in stock, and over 250 matching sets, we are sure to find what you are looking for! We guarantee we are not your average used tire shop, we house a decent selection of used stock and after market rims. If you are looking for new tires, We are the one you should call for the lowest pricing in the Port City area.

Any Questions?

Just give us a call Monday-Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm and we will be happy to assist you.



Having a hard time finding your tire size? Just head on over to www.sizemytires.com then enter in your vehicle information and give us a call!

Tire Pricing:

  • Like New Tread(3/4)- $53.50
  • Half Tread(1/2)- $45.48
  • Quarter Tread(1/4)-$37.45

Note: These prices are including tax and installation.

Tire Service Pricing:

  • Mounting and Balancing: 15 Yours (Additional charge for low profile and mud tires.)
  • Plug: $12.50
  • Patch: $25
  • Valve Stem Replacement: $5
  • Tire Rotation: $20


  • P225/60R16 NEW Westlake RP18 Set With Alignment $355 out the door!
  • Set of USED TIRES and Alignment starting at $249
  • P265/70R16 NEW Hercules Terra Trac AT II Set(60k Mile Warranty;2 Year Road Hazard) $726 Installed with an Alignment